Monday, July 19, 2010

It Must Be Monday

I have had quite the Monday morning which included my wee one throwing a fit and himself onto the sidewalk this morning, to my usual parking spot at work being taking (again), rolling my ankle and falling short of my chair, and to top it all off I spilled ice water all over my desk when I somehow dropped the glass. All things aside, my day is going alright and I've had worst Mondays so I definitely can rule out having a case of the Mondays.

Perhaps all these things have happened to me today considering that I think I have invented what I would deem as "sleep shopping". There are sleep walkers and for me I shop in my sleep. I had somehow managed to buy a Burberry trench coat at 5:20am this morning after Nordstroms was unsuccessful at fulfilling my last trench coat order. I am convinced the lovely lady (who was also named Vanessa) on the other end of the line was well aware that I had just woken up as I could not read my credit card information clearly. Then again, I hope the Nordstroms call center isn't in Seattle as she might think I must be out of mind to call at 5am. Oh well, I look forward to receiving the newest addition to my winter wardrobe next week! Then again, the way this Seattle summer is turning out I might just have to use that coat as early as next week! But let's just all hope for clear sunny skies!