Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price

Ever since I had my "nesting" period when I was around 34-36 weeks pregnant, I started growing a slight hatred towards Fisher-Price. I knew from my first child that I should probably invest in them and any battery company considering that those two are most likely never to fail as long as people keep in procreating. That is besides the point. Having a kid is expensive, and so I had managed to save a considerable amount of baby paraphernalia from my first kid. That would have worked fine except a lot of our Fisher-Price items seemed to not work at all even after giving each problem item a battery change. We, by all means, did not put these items through the ringer and if you really knew me then you would know that I like to try and keep a lot of my belongings in pristine condition.

So going into today, I was already not happy with Fisher-Price and I wake up to the morning news telling me about a massive Fisher-Price recall. Oh goody. Turns out four items are recalled: a bike, high chair, play mat, and a toy (all items can be found here: As you can guess, we own one of each of the products.

Aside from the playmat which my hubby decided to dispose of after our first move, I have been recently looking for a reason to get a new high chair. Luckily I now have a reason to look for a new one!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Tribute to Jessica Simpson

Some argue that Jessica Simpson really knew that Chicken of the Sea really was not chicken but in fact, tuna. I gave her the benefit of the doubt since the label is somewhat misleading. I do not eat tuna so I could see how one would be confused by it.

I am unsure how that was brought up at AJ's 2am feeding but it was, and it lead to me confessing about how I was confused by buffalo wings (alongside Jessica). I remember watching that episode with my high school boyfriend at the time (poor guy but what a good sport), and when the topic of buffalo wings came up I couldn't help but ponder the same exact thing Jessica was. I also had not had buffalo wings by the ripe age of 16 so I had no clue that it was actually chicken. Then she went onto asking about the boneless buffalo wings and by then I was completely lost too. For all I knew, boneless buffalo chicken wings were actually buffalo but called chicken wings because they had the same consistency as chicken. I thought that was a legitimate conclusion but my husband just shook his head in shame. He couldn't believe that my mind had once gone through that thought process to come up with that conclusion. I also think he was ashamed because I would always make fun of that boyfriend for not being the brightest crayon in the box. For heaven's sake, he tried copying my SAT answers, as if his test were the exact same as mine. It didn't work out too well for him considering the score that he got. But I was 16, that is young compared to 26. OMG, that was 10 years time flies. I would like everyone to know in the past 10 years: I have had chicken of the sea and concur that it is tuna, and I have also had buffalo chicken wings (both bone-in and boneless) which is possibly one of my favorite foods of all time now.

Screw pregnancy brain...raising a newborn and dealing with the lack of sleep gets to you more.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 6 Weeks AJ!

AJ is 6 weeks old today! I cannot believe it has already been a month and a half. I did a back of the envelope weight check and AJ is about 10 pounds now! That is right on track considering newborns are supposed to gain half a pound each week.

Our Monday has been nothing out of the ordinary. Tyler is loving being able to stay home and go to the "playhouse" which is a gym class we take him to each Monday. There was a new girl in his gym class whose mom describe her in two words I would say high maintenance. Now pardon my bitterness but if it wasn't for her bleached blond hair, I would say she is a prime contestant for Jersey Shore. She had a lovely orange glow, caked on makeup, fake nails, and a white headband that had a flower the size of my head. Now don't get me wrong, I am by no means jealous of any of her physical features...hahahaha. I mean she seemed physically fit but she also had that demeanor of "I am better than you", perhaps it was the headband that screamed it. Who knows!?! Now getting to the point, her daughter and Tyler were in the ball pit with the "terror" of their class. I have deemed one kid in that class as the "terror" because he has no sense of respect for others. The kid doesn't know how to wait his turn, share, and if he wants to touch (more like claw) at something...he will go for it. With that said, the "terror" had managed to grab at the girl and ended up ripping out her earring. His mom promptly removed him from the ball pit and gave the earring back to the J. Shore mom and then ran off after her terror. Little did I know, J. Shore mom thought Tyler ripped the earring out so here we are both watching our kids in the ball pit and she is glaring at me. How did I know she was glaring, you ask? It was the fact that I literally could not see her retinas anymore, all I could see was black eyeliner with some lashes. The terror and his mom interrupted the moment as she mentioned that the terror wanted to apologize for ripping out her earring. J. Shore mom seemed confused as she replied, "oh...he was the one that ripped it out?" Like WTF lady? My son wasn't even near your sweet daughter (she must get that from her father). For heaven's sake, there are 1 year olds that are bigger than Tyler so what makes you think he is capable of ripping out your daughter's earringj as he is minding his own business and doesn't even acknowledge your daughter. She is a cutie but obviously my son isn't attracted to her...and let me tell you, when he likes what he sees he crushes hard.

That is my blurb for today. We've spend the last 3 years raising Tyler to be polite, courteous, and respectful for others. We know for a fact it has paid off considering that he always says his please and thank you, and always answers with sir or ma'am. You can make fun of us all you want saying that we are wannabe southeners but we would rather have offspring that is more of an asset to society than your spray tan, thank you very much.

Spray tan out...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank You Astrology

Growing up I was a firm believer that my horoscope could for tell how my day would pan out. I would get upset if it told me I would have a bad day and sure enough I would end up having a bad day. Maybe it really was in the stars but I am also sure it was all in my head and that I caused my day by having it in my mind that it would go bad.

In college, our school newspaper had the daily horoscope and it also had a star rating. Of course, I would let those little stars dictate how my day would go and on the days where I only had one or maybe two stars I would go about my day in a bad mood. I will admit my horoscope was right on the day I started having a crush on who would end up being my future husband. Maybe I should take my horoscope seriously.

Nowadays, I do not read my horoscope as religiously as I did in the past. It does show up on my homepage and every once in awhile I will see what the stars has to say about my day. When you put things into perspective, how can this horoscope pertain to a Virgo in Seattle as well as a Virgo in the deserts of Africa? Perhaps that is the reason why I take horoscopes so lightly.

My horoscope today told me I would feel nostalgic...okay, they got me there. Horoscope: 1 Vanessa: 0. That is beyond the point though. The whole reason behind this post was the last sentence of my horoscope which read: "Ultimately, you will succeed by looking forward, not backward." I have no idea why I am so profound by that. It essentially just retells the old saying, quit looking back at the door that just shut because you will miss all the new ones that open. From time to time I do forget to look forward, so the reminder from my horoscope was definitely welcomed.