Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am clearly late to the game but one of my newest obsessions are poufs!  I am so obsessed that I have dedicated a whole Pinterest board to them, see it here.  What is there not to love about them? They are so cute, functional yet versatile...

Clearly, you can use them as a foot rest
Image via Making it Lovely

They can double as a coffee table...

...or end tables
Image via A' la Mode

They look great in the bedroom too!
Image via Cape 27

Anyways, my thinking is that they would work great with the kids.  I mean, there are no sharp corners, it would not be a long fall if one were to tumble off, and my kids seem to enjoy shopping for them more than they do coffee tables.  It is a win-win situation for all!  

An 8 Hour Test?!?

Most people cringe at the words: quiz, test, exam, midterm, etc.  Then there are the few where a test does not even phase them, they casually study then take the test with ease and pass with flying colors.  That does not describe me.  In fact, I am the person who gets a running start by getting into a good study regime early on, then I miraculously get distracted and lose my focus, then I scramble to cram in any last studying before taking the test, and I take most tests all on adrenaline overload mixed with a cup of anxiety.  Afterwards, I stress all my black hairs into gray until the results come in.

I write this as I plan on taking my professional engineering exam this Friday.  If I pass, I become a licensed engineer.  If I don't pass, then I will be back at square one of getting into a good study regime for the April test.  Wish me is a grueling 8 hours long (16 for those in Cali), but once someone gets their PE it supposedly opens up numerous new doors of opportunities...ones that include a pay raise and the potential of future litigation.  But hopefully no one will have to walk though that latter door.