Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Security Measures

Awhile back, a coworker and I discussed the ever so popular TSA and how he feels they never smile and most times are on a power trip.  Which apparently is not the case with airport security abroad.  After my most recent experience trying to get onto the military base to attend a birthday party for my son's friend, I am assuming most drones of homeland security are all alike.  This assumption is solely based on my encounter with the people who work behind the guest pass counter at our local military base   I was unsure if most of their questions were intended to be trick questions...but here is what I was asked:

-After asking for my SSN they then asked if I have been sponsored on this base before?
I answered no.  However, that might have been a wrong guess judging by the look the lady gave me after she entered in my information into her computer.

-What is the color of your car?  And the make and model of your car?
You literally have my safety inspection, insurance card, car registration and my first born child right  under your nose...

-Will you be needing in and out privileges today?  No.  Are you sure? Yes...?
Should I have said yes instead...?  I mean if you are giving me a second chance to answer this question, then let me think about this...I might as well peruse your exchange and then order a large piece of furniture...perhaps a couch.  I guess I will need to get off base then return to pick up the couch...oh and I can't forget to have my child get a haircut right outside the annex.  What time does the commissary close?  I will make two trips since we are running low on groceries.  So yes, I guess I will need in and out privileges...oh and this will happen after we finish what was supposed to be our only purpose of being on base:  attending a birthday party.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am clearly late to the game but one of my newest obsessions are poufs!  I am so obsessed that I have dedicated a whole Pinterest board to them, see it here.  What is there not to love about them? They are so cute, functional yet versatile...

Clearly, you can use them as a foot rest
Image via Making it Lovely

They can double as a coffee table...

...or end tables
Image via A' la Mode

They look great in the bedroom too!
Image via Cape 27

Anyways, my thinking is that they would work great with the kids.  I mean, there are no sharp corners, it would not be a long fall if one were to tumble off, and my kids seem to enjoy shopping for them more than they do coffee tables.  It is a win-win situation for all!  

An 8 Hour Test?!?

Most people cringe at the words: quiz, test, exam, midterm, etc.  Then there are the few where a test does not even phase them, they casually study then take the test with ease and pass with flying colors.  That does not describe me.  In fact, I am the person who gets a running start by getting into a good study regime early on, then I miraculously get distracted and lose my focus, then I scramble to cram in any last studying before taking the test, and I take most tests all on adrenaline overload mixed with a cup of anxiety.  Afterwards, I stress all my black hairs into gray until the results come in.

I write this as I plan on taking my professional engineering exam this Friday.  If I pass, I become a licensed engineer.  If I don't pass, then I will be back at square one of getting into a good study regime for the April test.  Wish me is a grueling 8 hours long (16 for those in Cali), but once someone gets their PE it supposedly opens up numerous new doors of opportunities...ones that include a pay raise and the potential of future litigation.  But hopefully no one will have to walk though that latter door.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So Far From Reality: My Application to Bravo's "Hawaii Elite"

It has been quite awhile since I have made a blog post, but to sum things up in a nutshell: we finally gathered up our keiki (kiddos) and made a jam packed Boeing 737 endure us for 6 hours during our one way flight to Hawaii!  Yep, we have finally started our new chapter of life here in Oahu and we could not be happier.  But the reason for today's post all stemmed from my love of Hawaii news and their headliners (or lack there of).  Only so much can happen on a island but this morning, the top stories consisted of the University of Hawaii's commencement ceremonies (congrats to all the new alumni) and drum roll please...the calling of Hawaii's "elite" for Bravo's new show.

Being a BIG fan of Bravo's Real Housewives Series, which is my guilty pleasure, I am honestly excited that I finally live in a state worthy of having a housewives series!  As Melissa Gorga likes to say at the beginning of each RHONJ episode, "I live a life only one dreams of", I definitely do not live that dream per se and therefore will probably never qualify for any Real Housewives series.  But just for S and G's, here is what I imagine my application for the casting call would be:

Dearest Andy Cohen and BravoTV:
While I probably do not qualify for your definition of "elite", I would think I am a great fit for your possible upcoming Real Housewives of Honolulu County for the following reasons:
  • I am currently a stay at home mom to two wonderful sons and an amazing daughter (think Caroline Manzo)
  • My family's net worth is similar to the following housewives: Michaele Salahi, Lynn Curtin, and Lauri Waring Peterson (pre-George of course).
  • My breasts are fake and my stance on breast augmentations is as follows: it should be included in healthcare as a post-partum option.
  • I have a strained  and essentially nonexistent relationship with my SIL that could rival the Gorga-Guidice's
  • Instead of flipping tables, many doors and cell phones have become victim to my short Filipino temper
In addition to my real housewife resemblances, I feel I could bring more to the show.  Being that we just moved to Oahu, I feel a strong connection to Kathy Griffin and her life on the D-list with my life on the Z-list.  I am very impatient which causes me to flip out like Jeffery Lewis.  My BravoTV role model is Bethenny Frankel and I feel our personalities and parenting styles are very similar.  So it could be safe to say, that I encompass all that is Bravo.
Just have the cameras follow me for one day and you will see a different type of real housewife that Honolulu has to offer.  As a housewife I can show you how:
  • I have only successfully made a mess in the kitchen
  • Not to react when your kid fall into a koi pond
  • to maneuver island life and the roads and traffic of this island all while fighting my GPS and Siri
  • life with three kids in a 1200sf condo can be
Although I may not qualify for Real Housewives of Honolulu County (or whatever name you decide), I hope you would keep me in mind if you ever decide to  showcase the Real Broke Housewife.

Thanks again for your time.


What do you think?  I know you are thinking: "stick to your day job as a engineer".  Okay okay, I will...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Gizmo (and Their Giveaways)

I will admit when I think of product reviews I automatically default to Consumer Reports.  But who wants to pay for a subscription nowadays when you can find anything on the world wide web?  I always rely on others' reviews regarding baby products so I was ecstatic to find  The best part, they currently have weekly giveaways so I highly suggest checking it out and entering the giveaway...who doesn't like to win something?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Probably Need To...

...get the platinum spoon out of my ass.  I mean I wasn't born with it but as time passed with me being an only child, I managed to apparently get one stuck up there?!?  The list below are a few things my husband pointed out during our last disagreement when he was trying to pull me down from the high horse I was apparently riding on:

  • The diaper bags have cost at least $200 (yes, plural)
  • God forbid I have to be seen pushing my kid in a Graco or Evenflo stroller or better yet a travel system
  • Only Britax or Diono car seats are allowed in my car
  • After 3 kids I am still not willing to give up my nazi sleigh
  • Even though all bottles are BPA free nowadays, I still swear by the Born Free bottles.
In my defense, I think his definition of high maintenance is misconstrued and had to point out how much worst of a high maintenance mother one could be:
  • Requires anything that comes in contact with the kids must be "organic" (ie- toys, clothes, food, etc.)
  • Refuses to buy baby food but instead make it themselves
  • Needs multiple nannies for each kid
  • Having the urge to adopt a child after requiring the previous bullet point
  • Only allowing an OB who studied at an Ivy League school deliver your baby
Before you wonder if individuals that demand the last few bullet points actually exist, they do...and sadly enough, we know those individuals on a personal level.  Needless to say, my husband walked away shaking his head...I think I won that argument.  Besides, I still blame my brand whore tendencies on being Filipino.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poll: How Mad Would One Get...

...if someone threw your stuff away in the garbage without asking you if it needed to be thrown away?  In this case, it was a bag.  Just saying...I did just get the bag the night before and it was thrown away in the morning.

If you answered: irate; then welcome to the club!