Saturday, October 30, 2010

Everyone's Doing It...

Remember in high school when everyone wanted to be their own person? Well I have figured that we never grow out of that feeling. We always want to be somewhat different from everyone and heaven forbid we follow the crowd.

I will be the first to admit that I am extremely stubborn when it comes to pop culture. It took me sometime to warm up to Abercrombie clothes in high school, I swore to never wear UGG boots (ha), and believe it or not I was anti-Juicy Couture at first...I mean who really wants "juicy" printed all over their ass? And yes, I did rock some pants that exclaimed that with my UGG at least three times a week. I'm so cool.

I am going to blame this on the hormones but not wearing my engagement and wedding rings is my newest form of rebelliousness. I mean, everyone is now engaged and/or married and I am a firm believer that the rings are not a symbol of their love and fidelity but rather their most expensive form of fashion. So for me, it is my way of showing that I don't need any fancy rings or anything materialistic to prove my love for my spouse. Then again, I never wear jewelry and if you really know me, that has always been the case. Once recent actions seem crazy but I am blaming it on the hormones!

I really am a plain jane, and being an engineer could never be more fitting for me. 23 more days of being solely a full-time mom...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 8 Weeks Old AJ!!! And More...

AJ is eight weeks old today and he is doing quite well! AJ's two month birthday is this Saturday which is also the same day we are celebrating his big brother's third birthday (coincidence, no lie). The nose congestion has gradually went away and AJ is still the happy baby that he is.

This past weekend we went over to Spokane for my dear college friend's wedding. In doing so, I decided that it was probably a good time to do some self maintenance conisdering I have spent very little time for myself since having AJ. The weekend before I went and got a haircut, this time getting bangs similar to Snooki (yes, she was mentioned in my blog) even though I originally got the idea from Tyra Banks. Let's just say, nothing is more awkward than getting a haircut and the noticing the person right next to you is getting the exact same haircut (bangs included). It was extremely awkward and I felt I was on the losing end since it looked better on her instead of me. Note to self, never get bangs also started giving me bad flashbacks to my high school days.

So days before we left for the wedding, I also decided to get my eyebrows and upper lip groomed and I went ahead and got eyelash extensions for the third time. Please note the keywords in that last sentence: third time. The morning after (Friday morning) my eyelash extensions, my left eye was completely bloodshot and would not stop tearing up. I thought this was due to my contact since my eye had stung after taking out my contacts the night before. Like always, I tried not to rub my eyes and thought my eye will get better. As the day progressed my eye did not improve and eventually my right eye decided to join the misery. By the time we reached Spokane at 8pm, I looked as if I had been into some sort of drug escapade. So as I perused the Walmart supercenter in Spokane you can only imagine the looks I was receiving. I was hoping people figured it out when I was buying benadryl along with the numerous things I had forgotten to pack, I always forget to pack about 10 items each trip.

To add to the awkwardness, we had pulled up to the wrong valet at the Davenport because apparently we were staying at the Tower instead of the Davenport itself. Mind you, these two places are kiddie corner from one another with their self-park garage occupying a third corner. However, there is no skybridges linking the three buildings which I found quite odd. So here we were walking the streets of Spokane with our bell cart riddled with our belongings including my nursing pillow, our 10 pairs of shoes we decided did not belong in its on bag, and of course I am pushing our stroller, bloodshot eyes and all. Hey, it is pretty hard traveling with a newborn. Low and behold the Davenport Tower must be the place to hangout because it was packed with people enjoying drinks, waiting to check-in, grabbing a bite to eat, waiting for a taxi, etc. Everyone dressed up in Spokane seemed to have congregated in the Tower's lobby. While walking over to the Tower, Ryan and I realized that we had forgotten to break our $20. So all we had to tip our poor bellboy that had to walk us over was $1. There is no way to make $1 seem like a lot of cash, especially if he had a long walk back to realize it was only one measly dollar. FAIL. Ryan and I are now thinking how frugal we look pulling up to the Davenport in a luxury SUV wearing designer clothes and pushing one of the most extravagant strollers currently on the market, except we only tip $1. We either look like arrogant bastards or we probably belong in the pool of people that foreclosed on their homes because we bought ours during the boom and now we live in our car. I'm unsure which one I would rather be considered to be a part of. Finally we were ablel to get settled and I was hoping the benadryl would help my eyes they would look better in the morning.

Saturday morning I awake with my eyes swollen and crusted shut. I am convinced I have pink eye except I knew swollen eyes isn't associated with pink eye. After taking a shower and trying to blot my face dry, I realize that my eyelids are in excruciating pain. I look in the mirror and I swear that I resembled Will Smith in Hitch. Well that is an overexaggerating since my ears were not swollen, but my eyes definitely resembled Hitch's. I explain to Katy what is going on and have her look at my eyes when they meet us up for lunch that day. Her and Wayne literally walk into our room and I wish I had captured her face on camera, I knew my eyes were bad. I somehow managed to still appear in public by going to the mall, I think I just tried avoiding eye contact with everyone. I also used the same approach at the wedding. Unfortunately, there are some pictures with me in them and you can definitely tell there is something wrong with my eyes. Ugh, what a way to make my first official public appearance after having a baby memorable.

On the other hand, the wedding was beautiful. I cannot be more excited for Holly and Erik, especially because they have decided to take their honeymoon in Fiji. They are also staying at the same place Ryan and I stayed at, Lomani Island Resort (which I highly reccommend)! Holly and Erik compliment each other really well and I cannot wait to watch where their new life together takes them!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wallet-less AGAIN!!!!!

It must be a Thursday thing because for the second Thursday in a row I have left my wallet at home. This morning I had the plan of running errands after dropping off Tyler at daycare. I got Tyler to daycare at a reasonable time and I was soon on my way out to Issaquah to do three things: get gas at Costco, go to Target, and peruse the kids consignment shop.

My drive out there was interesting, it always boggles my mind why people slow down to a cruising speed of 25 mph on the on-ramp from southbound I-405 to eastbound I-90. You're getting off of a freeeway and trying to merge onto another freeway!! How do you expect to merge with cars going 60-70 mph when you're doing speeds that is adequate for a residential road. Nonetheless, it is not like that on-ramp isn't designed for 60 mph, so it really is not necessary to slow down to a sluggish pace by car standards.

Enough of the nonsense complaining, so upon my arrival to Issaquah I notice that westbound traffic on I-90 is stopped. Literally no cars were moving due to an accident and I was thinking in my head, "well hopefully that will clear up by the time we go home". Joke is on me though. After waiting in line for gas at Costco (yes, there was a line at 9:30am), I am now the next car to pull up to the pump and as I lean over to grab my wallet in my purse. Of course, I would leave my wallet at home AGAIN! Last week, I had a lovely lunch date with a girlfriend and I had left my wallet in Tyler's daycare bag all because I had to pay daycare earlier that day. I was so embarrased that my girlfriend had to pick up our lunch tab. It is all gravy though, we just compromised that i would pick up lunch next time.

My mom would give me a 3 hours lecture if I tell her what has happened. I am aware, it is illegal to drive around without a license, and I know it doesn't bode well when you have your kid in the car as well. Then she would go on about how that is irresponsible on my part and how i should be more organized. Sorry mom, you only had to juggle little old me with no siblings and besides, you had my grandma there to help you.

All ends well though, granted I never got around to any of those errands I had originally planned on accomplishing but I did get AJ home in time for his next feeding...without an accident or getting pulled over (thank you Mr. Officer for being nowhere in sight).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 7 Weeks Birthday AJ!

Today AJ is 7 weeks old! He is still the happy baby (smiling since week 5) except he had a rough night last night since he has developed one stuffed up nose. I definitely should be getting mom of the year now, what kind of mom am I? I am assuming he probably developed the congestion from our little outing on Friday to Redmond Town Center. Not only was he only wearing a short sleeved onesie, his blanket wasn't that thick and he did not have a hat. Maybe I should go out and buy him some clothes. I finally have a legitimate reason to shop! I thought I had enough hand me downs from big brother except they are all onesies and tops. Poor AJ has no pants and it is unfortunate because my favorite place to buy kids clothes has closed shop in Bellevue Square. Well, I guess I will just have to explore new stores now too (once AJ feels better).