Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Probably Need To...

...get the platinum spoon out of my ass.  I mean I wasn't born with it but as time passed with me being an only child, I managed to apparently get one stuck up there?!?  The list below are a few things my husband pointed out during our last disagreement when he was trying to pull me down from the high horse I was apparently riding on:

  • The diaper bags have cost at least $200 (yes, plural)
  • God forbid I have to be seen pushing my kid in a Graco or Evenflo stroller or better yet a travel system
  • Only Britax or Diono car seats are allowed in my car
  • After 3 kids I am still not willing to give up my nazi sleigh
  • Even though all bottles are BPA free nowadays, I still swear by the Born Free bottles.
In my defense, I think his definition of high maintenance is misconstrued and had to point out how much worst of a high maintenance mother one could be:
  • Requires anything that comes in contact with the kids must be "organic" (ie- toys, clothes, food, etc.)
  • Refuses to buy baby food but instead make it themselves
  • Needs multiple nannies for each kid
  • Having the urge to adopt a child after requiring the previous bullet point
  • Only allowing an OB who studied at an Ivy League school deliver your baby
Before you wonder if individuals that demand the last few bullet points actually exist, they do...and sadly enough, we know those individuals on a personal level.  Needless to say, my husband walked away shaking his head...I think I won that argument.  Besides, I still blame my brand whore tendencies on being Filipino.

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