Saturday, October 20, 2012

An 8 Hour Test?!?

Most people cringe at the words: quiz, test, exam, midterm, etc.  Then there are the few where a test does not even phase them, they casually study then take the test with ease and pass with flying colors.  That does not describe me.  In fact, I am the person who gets a running start by getting into a good study regime early on, then I miraculously get distracted and lose my focus, then I scramble to cram in any last studying before taking the test, and I take most tests all on adrenaline overload mixed with a cup of anxiety.  Afterwards, I stress all my black hairs into gray until the results come in.

I write this as I plan on taking my professional engineering exam this Friday.  If I pass, I become a licensed engineer.  If I don't pass, then I will be back at square one of getting into a good study regime for the April test.  Wish me is a grueling 8 hours long (16 for those in Cali), but once someone gets their PE it supposedly opens up numerous new doors of opportunities...ones that include a pay raise and the potential of future litigation.  But hopefully no one will have to walk though that latter door.

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