Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Security Measures

Awhile back, a coworker and I discussed the ever so popular TSA and how he feels they never smile and most times are on a power trip.  Which apparently is not the case with airport security abroad.  After my most recent experience trying to get onto the military base to attend a birthday party for my son's friend, I am assuming most drones of homeland security are all alike.  This assumption is solely based on my encounter with the people who work behind the guest pass counter at our local military base   I was unsure if most of their questions were intended to be trick questions...but here is what I was asked:

-After asking for my SSN they then asked if I have been sponsored on this base before?
I answered no.  However, that might have been a wrong guess judging by the look the lady gave me after she entered in my information into her computer.

-What is the color of your car?  And the make and model of your car?
You literally have my safety inspection, insurance card, car registration and my first born child right  under your nose...

-Will you be needing in and out privileges today?  No.  Are you sure? Yes...?
Should I have said yes instead...?  I mean if you are giving me a second chance to answer this question, then let me think about this...I might as well peruse your exchange and then order a large piece of furniture...perhaps a couch.  I guess I will need to get off base then return to pick up the couch...oh and I can't forget to have my child get a haircut right outside the annex.  What time does the commissary close?  I will make two trips since we are running low on groceries.  So yes, I guess I will need in and out privileges...oh and this will happen after we finish what was supposed to be our only purpose of being on base:  attending a birthday party.

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