Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Likes the New Website?

I will admit that I am not a big fan of the new Target website.  Call me old fashioned but I was just finally getting adapted to the new Nordstroms website and now Target had to do a major overhaul?  I have warmed up to the Nordstroms website but I definitely am NOT a fan of the new Target website for the following reasons:

  • Is it me or does it crash every other day?  Given all or the unhappy facebook comments, it seems that this is a common happening especially for the "new and improved" website.
  • Another complaint of mine is that the website times out when you have been inactive for several minutes.  Like c' I had to change a diaper while I was in the middle of ordering, or the doorbell rang, etc...did you want the sale Target?  Obviously not.
  • Finally, my biggest pet peeve of you are sold out of an item then why show it on the website?  Even if you are out of one size, then don't show that size...why go through all that trouble for me to pick through all the options and then tell me it is "out of stock".
So I have completely strayed from my original intent of this post which was to eliminate the information collects about you.  We all know nowadays that every website we visit collects information about us to create those "targeted advertisements" that is pretty successful in capturing our attention (at least that is case for me).

Apparently there is a way to opt out of this, and does it actually work?  I have no idea.  But did provide a link where you can opt out of behavioral advertising (so as it is called) and according to Target's website...I did successfully disabled their website from collecting information about me.

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