Friday, December 17, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

If you don't know me, there is one word to describe me: shopaholic.  I presume that is a word.  If you need to know my number one weakness, it is handbags.  A lot of women like shoes, clothes (jeans come a close second to me), makeup, jewelry (I should spend my money there instead), and the list goes on...  But for me, I completely fall prey to handbags.

Last night, I found myself walking into Neiman Marcus wanting to return my new Burberry trench coat that I have not even owned for 6 weeks...6 weeks people!!!  Prior to even cutting off the price tags and wearing it for the first time, there was one measly button literally hanging by its last thread.  So last night, I was determined to return the coat since it was my second time in 3 weeks having to get buttons sewn back on.  Yes, I said buttons...more than 1 button.  Surprisingly, I was weak and the sales lady coaxed me back into keeping the coat and having their seamstress reinforce all 20 buttons.  Is that a lot of buttons for a coat?

Anyways, after dropping off my coat I found myself looking at all of the sales racks in the store, and they had a lot of sales racks.  We all know I love to find me a good bargain!  I thought to myself, if all the clothes are on sale then what about the handbags?  Sure enough, there were tons of handbags on sale.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, nothing worth buying was one sale.  There were a couple of Prada handbags 40% off and there was only one Chanel handbag on sale, but all of them were too trendy for plain jane me.

After perusing the handbags, I probably should have hopped in my car and went back home to my testosterone filled home but no, I found myself outside in the courtyard of the Bravern wandering over to Louis Vuitton.  I have been mentioning to my lovely husband that I want a Louis to add to my collection and he always takes it lightly when it is mentioned.  But no, I was serious and now was a prime time for me since I was boy free!!

So without further to do, here is a picture of the newest addition to my family of handbags:

The Artsy GM
Isn't she a doll?  I love her and it feels good to have something aside from Gucci (which I still love) in my closet.  Now if only, I can muster up the courage to tell the hubs that I actually bought it.

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