Monday, November 29, 2010

Public Transportation HATES Me!!!

There is something about a bus that hates me.  Whether it be a Greyhound (yes, I have ridden them) or a public transportation bus, anything related to a bus has some sort of hatred towards me.  How do I know this?  Let us examine the three following cases:
  1. This morning was my first time commuting on the bus all by myself to downtown Seattle via the park and ride.  I managed to find a decent parking spot and as soon as I got to a bus, it was standing room only.  No worries, I had to remind myself that the busses come frequently and that another one would be on its' way shortly.  Luckily that was actually the case since the next bus came literally five minutes later, unlike last week where I fell for the "5 minute" trick when the next bus was literally an hour away.  After five minutes of waiting in the freezing cold wearing a skirt (my bad), I was able to get on a bus and actually score myself a seat.  Unfortunately for me, the bus driver was new and missed my bus stop which was supposed to be at my building but instead dropped me (and about 20 other people) 4 blocks away.  I guess it could've been worse...
  2. Last Monday was my first day back at work.  Granted it was snowing but I spent a good 3 hours trying to get the measley 10 miles between my work and home.  One hour was spent trying to actually get ON a bus and the last 2 hours was spent on the bus.  I can't complain though, there were others who had a 6+ hour commute on their bus rides home the exact same evening.  No complaints from me...
  3. Five years ago (time flies), I had a bright idea that I would surprise my then boyfriend for his birthday.  It would have been a great surprise if my parents had shared that same opinion and decided to actually let me drive over to Tri-Cities rather than forcing me to take a Greyhound.  I am blessed with wonderful friends that paid for my ticket and actually drove me 30 minutes to the closest bus stop.  Sounds easy right?  Wrong.  Apparently, the huge storm that was dumping rain in the Puget Sound area was also dumping massive amounts of snow on the mountain passes.  Thus, closing the pass to traffic.  That included trains, which also became an option in my desperation as I sat at the Greyhound station in downtown Tacoma.  Now you see why I got desperate?  So as I sat stranded in the "finest" area of Tacoma, a stranger and I get this wonderful idea that we should rent a car together and just drive over the pass.  I tell Jessica, May, and Ryan the idea and each of them frantically think I am out of my mind and that it really is NOT a good idea.  I am so oblivious sometimes.  Long story short, the Greyhound finally arrived in Tri-cities at 3am, a lengthy 16 hours after I initally embarked on my surprise trip.  In the end, it wasn't much of a surprise but Ryan appreciated the effort and we had a great time celebrating his birthday safely.
I tell you, busses hate hate HATE me.

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