Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Obsession with Old Navy

I will admit that I am a cheap skate especially when it comes to maternity clothing.  Surprisingly, I somehow get compliments on my outfits so it can't be too bad right?  Anyways, I will also admit that I clothe my family in Old Navy clothing a majority of the time.  Their casual style and hard to beat bargains (especially when they have an extra 50% off clearance) make it a one stop shop for me.  Sure I still splurge on jeans, shoes, handbags, ahnd other accessories but when it comes to kids clothing and the wardrobe basics for adults...Old Navy is my place to go.

So with that said, today's Groupon (there goes the cheapskate in me again) is $10 for $20 of merchandise at Old Navy.  And you bet your bottoms I will be purchasing my limit of one coupon...hahaha.  Anyways, have a look at it and seriously consider it!  It's okay too...your secret is safe with me!

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