Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Banh Diggity

I will admit that I was not a big fan of Vietnamese food up until 3 years ago.  What changed?  Maybe it was the hormones from my first pregnancy but who knows, just all of a sudden one day I decided that cilantro was the greatest thing on Earth.  No lie, that had to be the turning point.

I typically do not have any pregnancy cravings...I take that back...with my first it was cantelope and with my second it was Asian food (trust me, when I keep it vague by saying Asian food).  During my last (second) pregnancy, I finally caved in and had a banh mi or as it is more commonly known as a Vietnamese sandwich.  Just like I only eat one Thai dish, I only have had one type of banh mi - the bbq pork banh mi.  You can never go wrong with it!  I have no idea why I have kept my distance from Vietnamese food but I definitely have been missing out until recently.  To say the least all I can think about right now is a banh mi:

Which of course would not be complete without honeydew boba.  I like other flavors but honeydew is definitely my favorite flavor as of right now.
That sums up my post for tonight.  Sorry to bore y'all but I secretly know you are now craving the exact same thing. :)

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