Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thank You Astrology

Growing up I was a firm believer that my horoscope could for tell how my day would pan out. I would get upset if it told me I would have a bad day and sure enough I would end up having a bad day. Maybe it really was in the stars but I am also sure it was all in my head and that I caused my day by having it in my mind that it would go bad.

In college, our school newspaper had the daily horoscope and it also had a star rating. Of course, I would let those little stars dictate how my day would go and on the days where I only had one or maybe two stars I would go about my day in a bad mood. I will admit my horoscope was right on the day I started having a crush on who would end up being my future husband. Maybe I should take my horoscope seriously.

Nowadays, I do not read my horoscope as religiously as I did in the past. It does show up on my homepage and every once in awhile I will see what the stars has to say about my day. When you put things into perspective, how can this horoscope pertain to a Virgo in Seattle as well as a Virgo in the deserts of Africa? Perhaps that is the reason why I take horoscopes so lightly.

My horoscope today told me I would feel nostalgic...okay, they got me there. Horoscope: 1 Vanessa: 0. That is beyond the point though. The whole reason behind this post was the last sentence of my horoscope which read: "Ultimately, you will succeed by looking forward, not backward." I have no idea why I am so profound by that. It essentially just retells the old saying, quit looking back at the door that just shut because you will miss all the new ones that open. From time to time I do forget to look forward, so the reminder from my horoscope was definitely welcomed.

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