Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Tribute to Jessica Simpson

Some argue that Jessica Simpson really knew that Chicken of the Sea really was not chicken but in fact, tuna. I gave her the benefit of the doubt since the label is somewhat misleading. I do not eat tuna so I could see how one would be confused by it.

I am unsure how that was brought up at AJ's 2am feeding but it was, and it lead to me confessing about how I was confused by buffalo wings (alongside Jessica). I remember watching that episode with my high school boyfriend at the time (poor guy but what a good sport), and when the topic of buffalo wings came up I couldn't help but ponder the same exact thing Jessica was. I also had not had buffalo wings by the ripe age of 16 so I had no clue that it was actually chicken. Then she went onto asking about the boneless buffalo wings and by then I was completely lost too. For all I knew, boneless buffalo chicken wings were actually buffalo but called chicken wings because they had the same consistency as chicken. I thought that was a legitimate conclusion but my husband just shook his head in shame. He couldn't believe that my mind had once gone through that thought process to come up with that conclusion. I also think he was ashamed because I would always make fun of that boyfriend for not being the brightest crayon in the box. For heaven's sake, he tried copying my SAT answers, as if his test were the exact same as mine. It didn't work out too well for him considering the score that he got. But I was 16, that is young compared to 26. OMG, that was 10 years ago...how time flies. I would like everyone to know in the past 10 years: I have had chicken of the sea and concur that it is tuna, and I have also had buffalo chicken wings (both bone-in and boneless) which is possibly one of my favorite foods of all time now.

Screw pregnancy brain...raising a newborn and dealing with the lack of sleep gets to you more.

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  1. I wonder about misleading names as well. For example, if you're ever in Hawaii again, go to Zippy's (An Oahu icon) and take a look at the "Surf Pac".
    It's a bento box with White Rice, 2 pieces of Fried Chicken, a piece of Spam (of course), and some Teri-beef. When I initally ordered the "Surf Pac" I assumed that it was the one that had Chicken, Spam, and Mahimahi. "Oh no, the one with da Mahi is the "Zip Pac," oh yeah and that one has Furikake (Seaweed seasoning for rice) too," explained by the Tita behind the counter. What?! So the "Surf Pac" has no fish or seaweed? Then why the hell is it called a "Surf Pac?" If it's called that because all the surfers order it, then call it the "Surfer's Pac" not "Surf Pac."
    I can't think of one "Surf and Turf" that doesn't come with fish. Oh wait, yes I can, the "Surf Pac" at Zippy's! Thank you Zippy's for showing why Hawaii has the worst standardized testing scores in the Nation. Idiots.