Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price

Ever since I had my "nesting" period when I was around 34-36 weeks pregnant, I started growing a slight hatred towards Fisher-Price. I knew from my first child that I should probably invest in them and any battery company considering that those two are most likely never to fail as long as people keep in procreating. That is besides the point. Having a kid is expensive, and so I had managed to save a considerable amount of baby paraphernalia from my first kid. That would have worked fine except a lot of our Fisher-Price items seemed to not work at all even after giving each problem item a battery change. We, by all means, did not put these items through the ringer and if you really knew me then you would know that I like to try and keep a lot of my belongings in pristine condition.

So going into today, I was already not happy with Fisher-Price and I wake up to the morning news telling me about a massive Fisher-Price recall. Oh goody. Turns out four items are recalled: a bike, high chair, play mat, and a toy (all items can be found here: As you can guess, we own one of each of the products.

Aside from the playmat which my hubby decided to dispose of after our first move, I have been recently looking for a reason to get a new high chair. Luckily I now have a reason to look for a new one!

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