Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wallet-less AGAIN!!!!!

It must be a Thursday thing because for the second Thursday in a row I have left my wallet at home. This morning I had the plan of running errands after dropping off Tyler at daycare. I got Tyler to daycare at a reasonable time and I was soon on my way out to Issaquah to do three things: get gas at Costco, go to Target, and peruse the kids consignment shop.

My drive out there was interesting, it always boggles my mind why people slow down to a cruising speed of 25 mph on the on-ramp from southbound I-405 to eastbound I-90. You're getting off of a freeeway and trying to merge onto another freeway!! How do you expect to merge with cars going 60-70 mph when you're doing speeds that is adequate for a residential road. Nonetheless, it is not like that on-ramp isn't designed for 60 mph, so it really is not necessary to slow down to a sluggish pace by car standards.

Enough of the nonsense complaining, so upon my arrival to Issaquah I notice that westbound traffic on I-90 is stopped. Literally no cars were moving due to an accident and I was thinking in my head, "well hopefully that will clear up by the time we go home". Joke is on me though. After waiting in line for gas at Costco (yes, there was a line at 9:30am), I am now the next car to pull up to the pump and as I lean over to grab my wallet in my purse. Of course, I would leave my wallet at home AGAIN! Last week, I had a lovely lunch date with a girlfriend and I had left my wallet in Tyler's daycare bag all because I had to pay daycare earlier that day. I was so embarrased that my girlfriend had to pick up our lunch tab. It is all gravy though, we just compromised that i would pick up lunch next time.

My mom would give me a 3 hours lecture if I tell her what has happened. I am aware, it is illegal to drive around without a license, and I know it doesn't bode well when you have your kid in the car as well. Then she would go on about how that is irresponsible on my part and how i should be more organized. Sorry mom, you only had to juggle little old me with no siblings and besides, you had my grandma there to help you.

All ends well though, granted I never got around to any of those errands I had originally planned on accomplishing but I did get AJ home in time for his next feeding...without an accident or getting pulled over (thank you Mr. Officer for being nowhere in sight).

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