Saturday, October 30, 2010

Everyone's Doing It...

Remember in high school when everyone wanted to be their own person? Well I have figured that we never grow out of that feeling. We always want to be somewhat different from everyone and heaven forbid we follow the crowd.

I will be the first to admit that I am extremely stubborn when it comes to pop culture. It took me sometime to warm up to Abercrombie clothes in high school, I swore to never wear UGG boots (ha), and believe it or not I was anti-Juicy Couture at first...I mean who really wants "juicy" printed all over their ass? And yes, I did rock some pants that exclaimed that with my UGG at least three times a week. I'm so cool.

I am going to blame this on the hormones but not wearing my engagement and wedding rings is my newest form of rebelliousness. I mean, everyone is now engaged and/or married and I am a firm believer that the rings are not a symbol of their love and fidelity but rather their most expensive form of fashion. So for me, it is my way of showing that I don't need any fancy rings or anything materialistic to prove my love for my spouse. Then again, I never wear jewelry and if you really know me, that has always been the case. Once recent actions seem crazy but I am blaming it on the hormones!

I really am a plain jane, and being an engineer could never be more fitting for me. 23 more days of being solely a full-time mom...

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