Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day (Weekend)!!!

It has been one rough week with the eldest battling a stomach bug.  He has not fully recovered yet however he is doing much better than earlier this week.  The professional pictures from the baptism is up and I swear that I plan to burn any hard copy photos of myself being pregnant.  Most women love their bodies as they house new life within themselves but my face just looks as if it say "feed me food".  The joys of being a mother right?

I am horrible and miss the point of mothers' (and fathers') day.  Each day with my family doing well is fine enough for me so I feel like I do not need a day dedicated to me.  Do I mind the extra attention and love?  Not at all, but I prefer that things be kept low key...with the exceptio(n of the hubs getting me that Burberry coat a couple of years back...oh wait, can't wear it since I've been pregnant the last two mothers' day.  But if I were to reflect on what I wouldn't mind for mothers day, it would include:

 A new set of golf clubs

A nanny (or two)

And perhaps a paddle board (as well as the skinny and in fit body)

If you can see, I already have Hawaii in mind.  But now back to reality, no big plans for us (that I know of) except play date at the zoo tomorrow and the off to the complete other side of King County to pay a visit to our friends that is showcasing their vintage Mustang in a car show.  Let's hope I survive tomorrow!  I plan on taking LOTS of pictures tomorrow (not of myself).

Anyways, happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and may everyone have a good weekend!

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