Friday, May 13, 2011

Week in Review

It is finally Friday and I swear the past [two] weeks have been hectic.  Remember that stomach bug I spoke of about last week?  Well my big boy was able to make his zoo playdate but by the end of it the hubs and boo boo came down with the exact same stomach bug (minus vomiting).  So sadly enough, I did not receive any of my mother's day wishlist but with the hubby being sick for my holiday, I was able to make a spontaneous trip to spend mother's day with mi madre.  But the fun doesn't stop there, let me just give you the shortened version of my past week:

Saturday: zoo date, hubs and boo get stomach bug, leave for my mom's (g-ma) house
Sunday: spend low key morning and afternoon with the boys and g-ma, come home and feel somewhat sick...uh oh
Monday: *yak*...stay home from work due to feeling like death...*yak*
Tuesday: still unable to stomach anything, visits labor and delivery for extra fluids.  Apparently being pregnant can be a perk as it helps you get a bypass of the emergency room and into labor and delivery, complete with your own personal nurse and full food menu (no appetite unfortunately).  Drop of kids back a g-ma's.
Wednesday: first attempt at work...nothing fun to report
Thursday: drive to work, see guy get hit by bus, almost get ran over in crosswalk, witness a car accident on the way to pick up kids from g-ma
Friday: it's Friday the 13th?  I thought that was yesterday given the events.

So that is my semi-uneventful life.  Oh was there something that caught your attention...did I mention I watched a guy get hit by a bus with my own two eyes?  Yes, you did read that correctly.  Walking back from lunch yesterday, my coworker and I (along with another 50 people) watched a guy get ran over by a metro bus.  It was surreal, everyone stopped in their steps and then out of nowhere I swear every Seattle police officer, fire truck, and ambulance was on the scene.  So if you wanted to cause some mischief, that would have been the time.  Why am I trying to make light of the situation?  Yes, I did feel bad for the guy but he was jaywalking, the bus honked its' horn and the guy looked at it like a deer caught in headlights.  Now you think I probably have no soul, but I figured at that instant that guy was either high on drugs or something was going on...turns out this was what happened.  See, karma acted quickly that time...but at the end of the day his medical expenses are covered by none other than you and me...there is a happy ending for him, right?  Okay...I'll stop opening up that can of worms.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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