Monday, August 23, 2010


I somehow got Tyler off to school/daycare at 9am today! It is different driving into downtown Bellevue later than 7:30am. It was even more weird to not drive to work after leaving daycare. When leaving the parking lot I turned towards my work since it is habit but luckily I can still get home by going that route.

Even though Tyler was dropped off at 9am, he was only the third kid in his group (the group consists of two classes). Everyone else also decided that 9am was a good time to come in that Monday. All the other parents were amazed that I was up and around and out of the house. Then again, this is also the daycare where the families still have nannies at home too (gotta love Bellevue). I will admit, that I do feel bad at times that the other families have so much more to offer but I have to remind myself that all the other parents are about a decade older than Ryan and myself. If only you saw the other expecting mothers at my OB's office, apparently the newest fad is to have kids when your 40. Perhaps that has always been the case and I just missed the memo.

With Andrew being the chill kid that he is, being home alone with him is like sitting around and listening to crickets. It is such a nice change of pace to have a mellow kid. I still cannot believe he is a week old today! Also, I still cannot believe that he still has his umbilical cord. His plastibell fell off during my second diaper change with him. If you do not know what that is, I suggest you just google it but be aware that it might not be what you expect it to be.

The highlight for today has been Andrew's newborn photos. We were able to get one with Tyler and Andrew wearing their big and little brother shirts, respectively. Andrew cooperated the whole time with the lovely Kristen taking his picture. We are definitely blessed once again to know someone that does an amazing job taking pictures and dealing with kiddos. She has done all of Tyler's pictures since birth and we are lucky she had time in her busy schedule to squeeze in Andrew now too! Below is just a peek at what Kristen was able to capture, I am so excited to see the rest!

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