Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Discharge Day!

We made it through the first night and it only confirmed that Andrew is a mellow baby! It took a 3am snack run for me to realize how lucky I am to have such a calm child as every room I passed had a baby crying at the top of their lungs! Been there done that! It was so bad for us with Tyler that the nurses took him to the nursery for us, lol.

So Tyler stayed the night at the hospital with us and it was quite interesting watching him and Ryan share the fold out recliner. Let's just say it did not work out too well. The good thing is that Tyler slept through the night when Andrew would fuss and vice versa. Tyler definitely cried more than Andrew that first night! I am sure our neighbors in the hospital probably wondered why the crying did not sound like a newborn cry.

Andrew did fine for his first PKU test, they just poke them in the heel and let them bleed on tiny circles. Due to my lack of medical knowledge, I have no idea what it tests for nor what PKU stands for. Andrew's bassinet said he would have his PKU test at 7am but the lab decided that 5am was better, luckily I was awake and eating away.

My doctor was prompt as usual and did his rounds at 7am and at 9am he came back to whisk Andrew away for his circumsicion. Yes, we had our little AJ circumsized and no, we did not want our kid to have the opportunity to be called Rumpled Foreskin. How daunting would that be?!? This is our 2.5 time going through this procedure and Ryan was the only one to accompany Andrew. It's a guy thing, and I wouldn't know what I was looking at anyways. We had a botched first circumsicion for Tyler and Ryan was definitely confident Andrew's was done correctly the first time. Once again, my doctor rocks and if you need an OB on the eastside I would reccommend him.

Post circumsicion we dressed up Andrew in a long sleeved one piece suit complete with mittens and covered footies. We know it's August but the weather is also struggling to make it past 65 degrees. I did enjoy the mild summer considering I was large and in charge but I must admit the weather was pathetic. We had to take his picture at the photobooth, I must admit I prefer the people that come around and take the baby's picture...like how the heck are we to know how to get a newborn to look at a camera and keep their eyes open. I am sure they strategically put this photobooth by the nurses' station for their pure entertainment. Ryan and I probably spent about 20 minutes to get 4 pictures of Andrew. At least these pictures were free for us to keep.

We finally finished getting discharged around noon and realized that we probably should have just stayed around for lunch. So there we were at 12:02pm sitting in the parking garage with a fully loaded car of balloons and flowers...hungry, nevermind we were starving. Thank goodness for drive thru's and we were back in our game of unhealthy eating. That didn't take long...but it does feel good to have everyone at home, just me and my boys!

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