Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Stomach Hates Me

Ryan, bless his heart, took the extra time out of his morning to go and drop off Tyler at daycare. This equated to one extra hour of sleep for me this morning. I even was able to sneak in a shower after Andrew's first feeding. The only downfall, when I was getting out of the shower it felt like there was a little gnome in my stomach trying to bring death upon me. Perhaps that is an overstatement but it definitely felt anything but good, or normal. I ended up talking Ryan into coming home after only four hours of work. My poor husband will be out of paid time off before I even return to work.

As the cookie always crumbles, my stomach was feeling much better before my hubby even stepped foot into the elevator. Given that he had already informed everyone he needed to be home to take care of me, he decided to still come home instead. Gosh, I love him. I love him even more because he decided to stop by and pick up some Vietnamese sandwiches since it was not pressing for him to be home in a hurry. We all know how much we both love Vietnamese sandwiches (seriously, go try them).

We had gone and looked at laptops last Sunday since Bestbuy had some decent advertised deals. After being at home for a week without a computer or internet we finally succumbed and decided to buy a new laptop. With Tyler being in daycare, it only made sense to go back and take our time to look at the laptops.
We decided on the cheapest Toshiba laptop Bestbuy had to offer. It didn't bother us that it was only a 14" screen and that it had less memory and the hard drive was mediocre compared to the rest. We essentially only needed a netbook and this laptop was cheaper than most of the notebooks in the store. The only downside, the Bellevue Bestbuy was sold out of the laptop we wanted. Of course that would happen to us! Even Burlington didn't have any in stock either (one of my longest and dearest friends works at that store). Bummer. The sales guy helping us did mention that some place called Silverdale had them in stock. In fact, they had 5 in stock. Granted he didn't know where Silverdale was and was hesistant to even pronounce it correctly. How does one not know where Silverdale is? Then again, most people do not know it even exists.
God does indeed love us and we will be able to have a laptop considering that my dad would be able to pick up the laptop AND my parents are on their way to our place tomorrow! My mother has willingly (sort of) taken time off of work to come and help us out. So tomorrow we will be connected to the world (wide web) again!

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