Friday, April 15, 2011

It is FRIDAY!!!

Happy Friday to the few readers of my blog!  I have my ultrasound today and you betcha we are finding out if we are finally having a girl or a third boy.  Life will be crazy with THREE under three.  What are we thinking?  But below is just a glimpse into how excited the boys are to add a third to their rambunctious household faction.

Now it is time for my random, off the wall thought for today.  I am watching Bethenny Ever After while folding my boys' laundry.  Even though she has never been my favorite housewife (I also am not a big fan of the NY series) I never realized how much I can relate to her.  Once again, my life nowhere parallels hers but personality wise it is like looking into a mirror.  Perhaps I belong in New York or just on the east coast in general?  So why the heck am I moving even further West?  Maybe I will find my way there in my 40's...oh wait the kids would be in high school.  Well then New York, I will see you in my 50's when I will wipe out my 401k just to pay one month of Harlem.

Oh and I cannot forget...tonight I get to see my dear friend Rachel!!  It's always a breath of fresh air when she comes up to the PNW especially since my motherly self cannot get down to NorCal and visit her.  But I am so excited for dinner tonight!!

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