Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here is a little secret to our household, I am the breadwinner when I am working full time.  Then again, nowadays it is not uncommon to have the wife the breadwinner of the family.  My husband likes to point that I make more than him and quite frankly, I kind of enjoy being the breadwinner.  The only exception is that I am only working part time right now...and it is driving me INSANE!!

Since we are moving to Hawaii the hubs is pushing the fact that we need to purge and downsize.  So yesterday on our bus ride to work he mentions that we should probably sell our dining room set.  Granted, we have not eaten a meal at this table in over a year (obviously).  But this is what it looks like a majority of the time.  Just another reason as to why I fail at being a housewife.

Okay, so it is a bad picture but with a 72" long table and 8 chairs (with the plastic still on them of course) I am having a hard time parting with our dining room set.  But once again financial common sense governs in this case as we could probably purchase a whole new set with the money we would spend storing our current set.  Let us see here...

$60/month (5'x5' storage unit) * 36 months = $2160

Oh em gee...I know my math is flawed considering a 72" long table will not fit in a 5'x5' storage unit...or can it?  That is besides the point, I lurve that set but for $2000 I think I could get a far better set.  Yes, I had to say that quietly as to not hurt my dining set's feelings.  So if you know of anyone looking for a dining room set in great condition send them my way.  I want it to go to a good home...sniff.


  1. it's a really pretty set! you could store it...if you turned it upright on it's end it would fit in a 5x5 because most are at least 6' tall. can your parents just keep it in your old bedroom so it's still there for you when you come back? :)

  2. Lol, that idea came to me when I was typing the post. But still, $2k can get a really nice dining room set. We are hoping to store our bedroom set in my old bedroom.