Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parents of the Year

According to me, I have been the self proclaimed parent of the year at least 5 times this year and we are only halfway through April.  The criteria for parent of the year is typically an unsurmountable amount of choices that only one parent (myself) can make.  I hope everyone can sense my sarcasm right now.  So below are events in which I earned parent of the year thus far for 2011:
  • Being the only parent to allow my kid to drink and have his own soda at a birthday party.  Oh if only y'all saw the looks other parents gave us.
  • Bribing my kid with a candy cane in Target...it was March.
  • Letting our kid play Angry Birds during church just to get him to sit still and be quiet.
  • Feeding our kids McDonalds at least 4 times at week...yes, I mean kids as in plural.
  • Our 3 year old has a sweet tea addiction.
So to add onto the list, and in my opinion this one definitely takes the cake.  I would like to present parent(s) of the year once again to myself for forgetting about Andrew's Baptism.  The only reason why I even remembered it was because I had scheduled a zoo-date for Tyler and went to go put it in the calendar and realized my uber BIG boo boo.  So here we are with about two weeks to go and Andrew has a godparent (yes, singular) and no invitations to the baptism.

That my friends deserves parent of the decade.  Wish us luck and if you happen to have May 1st, 2011 at 10am open...feel free to join us for Andrew's Baptism.

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