Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Danger! Not for the Weak [Shoppers] at Heart

Today I am writing from the confinements of my work cubicle.  Shh.  Today is also my half day at work so during my bus ride into work this morning I got the lovely idea in my head that I would go shopping when I get off.  To me it made sense, the afternoon to myself and I am already in downtown...why not peruse through some stores that I have not stepped foot in the last three or so months (think Nordstrom Rack or just plain Nordstroms).  Depending on the rain, I might even venture over to the Gap since it is one of three Gaps within our state that sells maternity clothes considering I need something decent to wear for AJ's baptism this Sunday...see I haven't forgotten yet.

My shopping agenda consists of shoes and a's make that dresses if I get lucky.  I don't get why maternity dresses always have patterns, but when you are large and in charge the last thing I want on my belly is a huge pattern.  With that said, and with the help from a Nordstrom email that landed in my inbox yesterday, I was thinking of the shoe below:

Steve Madden "Russhh" Pump
I absolutely love the look of this shoe!  Unfortunately, I did not find anything like it at the downtown Nordstrom rack but I did find two pairs of what I thought were cute judgement seems to be impaired when pregnant.  I would show them off except, the camera battery died on me.  So you will have to wait until later!

On a completely random note, I have fallen in love with a brand of maternity clothes.  I told you this post was dangerous, the shopping addict in me is starting to make a comeback.  I am somewhat saddened that it has taken me this long to find it but I will share but for those who have already heard of them then boo on you for not introducing me to it!  Anywho...without further to do, I proclaim my love for:
 Not only do they some cute maternity clothes, their regular clothes are not half bad as well...but don't take my word for it considering I do not remember what it is like to NOT be pregnant.  Oy Vey!

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