Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Mid-Twenties Crisis

Perhaps my life is just a crisis but I swear I am going through my mid-twenties crisis.  Or maybe I went through that when I was actually 25 considering I freaked out one morning and then after 6 months of searching we bought our first home.

I am thankful we were able to buy and keep our first home.  In a nutshell, it is a first home.  I love our home and I love making it even more of a home with each day that passes.  So why am I going thru what seems to be another mid-twenties crisis?  Well, it is the lack of vitamin D in the Seattle area.

Our winter has been HORRIBLE.  But even most skiers and snowboarders will agree that winter never made its' appearance until 3 weeks ago.  It is only now that we are getting lovely white powder after enduring a soggy past 5 months.  I know Seattle is gray, rainy and cloudy more times than not but this past winter was by far the wettest I have ever experienced in my gray days here.

I cherish the days that it doesn't rain in Seattle BUT (yes, there is a big BUT) when the skies are not dumping rain on us, it is just gray and...ick.  I love a nice slate gray as a bathroom or bedroom color but it is definitely not my first preference for sky colors.

So one day, hubs shoots me an email regarding a job opportunity in what many of us know to be the 50th state.  Yes people, Hawaii.  Fast forward through working on emails, cover letters, and getting good reference...hubs was offered the job and is wanted out there by...drum roll please...June 1st.

"Woo hoo!" is how I feel on the outside but on the inside is "OH @#(*&$%)($%".  Here is just a taste of the chaos that is about to ensue:
  • Must sell house (and possibly payback tax credit)
  • Job for me or just plain housewife?  (Trust me, I am not good at the latter)
  • Find place in Hawaii (Just when I got accustomed to 1800 sf)
  • Move family including two three kids
  • ...and so much more...
Oh what is that you're asking?  Was that TWO kids crossed out for three?  So a wrench was thrown, sorry we are apparently being blessed with a third child.  Considering, I do not want to change doctors while 7 months pregnant, I plan on staying in Seattle until number 3 graces us with his or her presence.

Chaos I tell life is absolute chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way.  As a bonus, this is what is going on around me as I write this:

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