Friday, November 5, 2010

Career Change?

I feel as if every time I have gone on maternity leave my job is in jeopardy. Before you tell me that I am covered under the Family Medical Leave Act, I want you to understand that I worry about having a job to return to due to the lack of work. We are all aware we are in a recession and have been for the past three years now, and we just watch our bipartisan government point fingers at the other party when it comes to who is to blame for this recession. Which has lead me to believe that I too can run for a legislative position and probably do well.

What spurs this career change at 6am aside from the fact that my career is at a standstill? Watching Obama give a speech to last month's jobs report and realizing that most voters vote without thinking. I can try to ride the popularity bandwagon the same way Obama did. I just need to have charisma and fake some interesting in sports and there we have it! What does JFK and Obama have in common? They are probably two of the most popular presidents not known for their policies but rather being different from the president mold of being white AND protestant. What do I have to offer? I am not protestant AND I am not white...score.

I plan on working my way up to the oval office by running against Maria Cantwell. The republican party needs a new face aside from Dino, and while I have voted for him the last three times...I think he has literally struck out. The republican party in Washington State needs a change. Once I make it to D.C. I plan on doing what Patty Murray has done the last 18 years...blend in with the crowd and just vote along my party's lines. How hard can that be? At least I will have job security for six years.

On a serious note, I will probably have a lot of lobbyists at my doorstep which I wouldn't mind the free 3-martini lunches and dinners. That is a mighty fine dinner plan if you ask me. But in my short time as an engineer, it has made me have a better understanding regarding the importance of infrastructure. What made Rome so successful? Well just take that government issued check, hop on that government subsidized overpriced airline, trade-in a lot of your US dollars for very few Euros and check it out for yourself. So while I am busying galavanting with the intern or aide that will be assigned to me, I will make an honest attempt at getting funding for our nation's ailing infrastructure.

In Obama's speech this morning, he mentioned that he wanted to focus on high speed rail because upgrading to high speed will be beneficial to our economy in making it run more efficiently. I believe I need to take a course on this high speed rail because I just thought it was meant to primarily transport people at high speeds...not goods. Also, how is having high speed rail being "green"...we know we do not want to make the environmentalist unhappy. They will protest the sh*t out of it considering they do nothing but sit in trees and wetlands helping to "protect" them. Okay, enough with my rant.

I can assure you that working on capitol hill is a lot harder than I think, but we can all dream right? Did I also mention that if I were president, I would create jobs by having my face carved on Mt. Rushmore. Yes, it would probably have to be an executive decision considering it would never make it through checks and balances. I would also make our economy and government more efficient by decreasing the size of it. We all know the jokes about government employees, so why do we still try to figure out why our country is not ran efficiently?

Oh and my last selling point, I'm asian and we all know we have a good work ethic. Hahaha, I just made myself laugh. Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!

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