Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tribute To My Best Friend

I will admit that I have a lot more guy friends than girls. In fact, I think the guy to girl ratio is about 3:1 so I always feel bad when a guy wants to meet my friends. Hahaha, joke's on him. Anyways, I love my girlfriends...the small amount that I have. So today's post is about one of my longtime, dearest friends (who also happened to be my maid of honor): Mayflor.

As I spent my afternoon holding a sleeping 3 month old and doing one of my newest favorite pastimes (reading diy decorating blogs), I get a phone call from Mayflor. Here is how the conversation panned out:

May: "So guess what the lovely security staff at the hospital did..."
Me: " clue" (as I am thinking her car got towed)
May: "They put a stinking cone in front of my car and I ran it over and now it is stuck under my car"
Me: " did you not see this? You drive a versa"
May: "I really can't reach it, maybe I should try backing up my car." (She is shorter than me fyi)
Me: "Wait, backing up wasn't the first thing you tried?"
May: "No...does every car come with a car jack? I see my spare tire but where is my...oh found it"
Me: "You're using your car jack? Is that really necessary?"

So long story short, she eventually got the cone out from under her car. How she did it...not sure since at that time my 3 year old decided that water is his new toy and my 3 month decided to turn on the waterworks.

I love my friends and the silly things they encounter.

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