Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is in the Pentagon?

My morning routine, outside of the kids, consists of checking my email and bank accounts. I never get any emails since I am out of the office and my bank accounts are just diminishing, it is quite sad. What caught my eye was the homepage for my bank: "visit our newest branch, now open in the Pentagon".

Okay, so that wasn't alarming to me considering my bank is thru the Navy which is military thus it does deserve a place in the Pentagon...no biggie. It was the subtitle that really caught me off guard: "look for us in the concourse, across from Best Buy". Um excuse me...Best Buy? What else is in this said concourse? My whole life I have thought the Pentagon consisted of the highest posts in the Military, the department of defense, and other important government positions relating to the military. Obviously I must have missed something along the way. Wikipedia also must have missed it considering that it only mentions the twenty, yes 20, fast food restaurants in the food court.

I want to take a tour of the Pentagon, I also want to shop in their Best Buy and eat at their McDonalds. Perhaps I can instill a piece of the Northwest in the Pentagon by opening up an REI, or maybe the Department of Defense needs a Cabellas.

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