Friday, November 19, 2010

Hiatus: Over

I am a bad horrendous blogger.  In fact, I am typically bad at anything that requires commitment.  In high school I was a part of the tennis team, band, swim team, and manager of the boys soccer team all for one season and only one season.  Thus, having the responsibility of being a blogger is still a challenge to me.  Now being a good blogger...that is a whole different can of worms (reminder: I am an engineer).

So I have taken somewhat of a hiatus from blogging only because I have been consumed by reading other people's blogs.  I somehow stumbled upon a blog regarding interior design and all of a sudden I find myself nesting once again.  And yes, if you remembered correctly I somehow surpassed the nesting stage of my pregnancy by only purchasing unnecessary things for our house (which I did not fail to do once again this time around).

Now I have managed to add a blog roll to my page so y'all can see what I spend my day doing: reading other blogs.  After reading all the thrifty DIY blogs, I have managed to channel my inner Suzie homemaker/thrifty housewife side.  Gasp.

I have yet to locate our camera but I am truly ecstatic to share with the blog world what I have accomplished.  My dear friend Katy hates the new thrifty me, and my new inkling to decorate our house has also made my husband and pocketbook cringe; but it makes me happy and you should always do what makes you happy, right?

On a more somber note, today is my last official day of maternity leave.  I think I just shed a tear.  So to bring you up to speed on life, here goes my attempt to summarize what has happened during my absence to the blogging world:

Andrew can roll over.  Aside from him rolling from his belly to his back around 8 weeks of age...this week he managed to roll from his back to his belly.  They say the second kid develops more quickly and boy howdy is that true.

After turning three, Tyler has somehow figured out how to speak more clearly.  Now he is a non-stop chatterbox from telling me how to take care of Andrew, to how his whole day went, and my personal favorite...telling Andrew how much he loves him like literally every 5 minutes.  It's truly precious and the sap in me sheds a tear every time I hear Tyler tell Andrew that he loves him.

Both boys spent their mornings at their new daycare this whole week.  Andrew has not fully adapted well to the bottle (my bad), Tyler loves playing at our "neighbors", and I still have not managed to get our house fully clean.  I swear it is a never ending task.

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and turns out my toothache that I had attributed to sinus pains was actually a chipped tooth.  Seriously, I the heck does one accomplish to chip her back tooth?  Well, I was capable of doing it and so I had that repaired this week as well.

So, those are a few of the major happenings in my world as of late.  One of my coworkers told me he is looking forward to my return.  That makes me somewhat happy but I still feel as if my return to work is like a girl's first day of high school...I am really really really nervous.  Wish me luck!

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