Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Facebook Withdrawals?

After a six year courtship, facebook and I decided to part ways on Sunday. Do I miss it? There are certain aspects of it that I miss such as the witty statuses some people post. But other than that, facebook just isn't the same as when I started my account. I don't hate facebook, in fact, I will forever be greatful for it as that is how Ryan and my relationship blossomed. Yes, I just said blossomed since I had no other way to describe it. We didn't meet on facebook, it was a way of communicating to each other (while drunk) since we were unable to do so without any liquid courage.

Since getting rid of my most time consuming past time, I figured I would have more time devoted to my blog. After spending a good two hours writing my halloween post to have it all deleted because I cannot figure out how to add a picture, I took a mini hiatus from my blog. RIP halloween post, when I muster enough patience to sit down and write it all over again you will all be informed.

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